Lessons with Babe

I have taken lessons from about twelve different PGA professionals and found not one of them taught me the same things about:  Grip, stance, alignment, etc.  Let me tell you about the guy I learned the most from and what he did.

He won the Jersey State Open 4 times and the New Jersey PGA 5 times.  The guy could not only play he could teach too and you know what he taught?

Babe didn’t look at my grip.

Babe didn’t look at my stance.

Babe didn’t look at my alignment.

Babe just asked me one one question, again and again.  This one question changed my entire golf game FOREVER!

“Do you know where the club is throughout your swing?”

He changed my thinking about the golf swing completely.

It took me only minutes to realize, I didn’t have a clue what he was talking about, but by the end of my first lesson with him, he changed my entire golf game – from the inside out. Babe taught me how to really connect with the club and the ball, Babe taught me how to make golf easy.

I came to Babe to learn the mechanics of golf, but what Babe taught me something far more valuable.

Babe made golf easy!

Ready to make golf easy?  Click here!

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